Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hotcouponworld Recommends 19 Survey Sites that Pay

Hotcouponworld has compiled a list of 19 survey sites that are legit, really pay people, and have minimal spam.

This is great news!

I've seen on the other blogs I read that completing surveys is a good way to earn extra money, so a month or two back, I set up a special e-mail address just for doing surveys. I did this because I was worried about my inbox being filled with spam. The problem? I never remember to check it!

I'm already a member of MyPoints & Inbox Dollars (see my side bar for the link to Inbox dollars), but I should check out some of the others. I may still try to use that special e-mail address, but I'd rather have it all come to one inbox. So, thanks Hotcouponworld for doing this research so I don't have to!

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