Monday, February 23, 2009

I Have Officially Moved!

I've officially moved my blog to the New Naturally Frugal Mama location and will only post over there from now on. Please add me to your blogroll, Google Reader, Facebook Networked Blogs - whatever you use!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Shaws Adventure

I finally ventured out to Shaw's this morning. I'm glad I did because I made 87 cents buying 20 cans of soup, and got some other cheap stuff as well.

Transactions #1
10 cans Healthy Choice Soup, $1 each
2 pouches Starkist creations Mango Salmon, $2 each
3 pouches Starkist light tuna in oil, $1.25 each

Used 4 $1 off tuna coupons from vocalpoint mailer
Used BOGO tuna coupon from vocalpoint mailer

Paid $12.75 OOP
Got $10 off your next purchase catalina
I was supposed to get another $1 off catalina for the tuna, but it didn't work

Transactions #2
10 Traditional Progresso Soup @ 3/$4
3 bottles spring water @ $.89 each
.55 lb Healthy Ones deli ham ($3.99/lb)
.35 lb Healthy Ones deli turkey ($5.99/lb)

Used 2 $1/4 Progresso coupons from 2/8 newspaper insert
Used 2 $1.10/1 Progresso coupons
Used 2 $.55 off Healthy Ones lunchmeat which doubled
Used $10 catalina from last purchase

Paid $3.84 OOP

So the Healthy Choice soup worked out to be free, the Progresso was a moneymaker of $.86, the 5 pouches of tuna were $2.75, and the lunch meat (almost a pound) was a little over $2 (could have been free if I bought less).

Not too bad! Most of the soup will end up at the food pantry, which is pretty cool! I could have done the Progresso deal one more time, but Bear (my son) was getting antsy. 20 cans of soup is enough :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why Do I Need to Buy More Than 1 Newspaper? Why I Get Multiple Copies of Coupons

I recently had someone ask me why I get multiple copies of the newspaper. When I started couponing again last October, I noticed fairly quickly that many of the good deals required you buy more than just 1 of the product, therefore requiring more than one copy of the coupon. Some deals even require that you have 3 or 4 copies of the coupon. Also, when things go on sale, having multiple copies of the coupon allows you to better stockpile items. I actually buy more than 1 type of Sunday paper as well. In my town, we have 2 different papers, and they each carry slightly different coupons, so I get at least one of each.

When I began to buy more than 1 newspaper, clipping coupons became a lot more work! Now, I have a new organizational system for my coupons that doesn't require I actually cut them out of the paper. I mainly use HotCouponWorld's coupon database searching system, which is pretty thorough; they even have links to printable coupons, such as Target store-specific coupons. I also download the list of coupons from Taylortown or another source and put them into a spreadsheet, so I have that for quick reference.

Buying one newspaper is a good start; you'll pretty quickly see that it pays for itself. Buying 2 or more papers, especially on coupon-packed weeks, can really jumpstart your couponing!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My $25 Personal CVS Challenge

So far, I've done 2 transactions in my $25 personal CVS challenge.

Transaction #1

$1.99: CVS Chewable Aspirin, 36 count
$2.49: Excedrin, 10 count

I got a 40 cent discount on the aspirin because my health insurance has a deal with CVS.

Total OOP (out-of-pocket) after tax: $4.28
ECB's earned: $4.48
20 cent profit

Transaction #2

$3.75: Mylanta Ultimate Strength Mint
$5.98: 2 Neutrogena facial soaps

Used $2 off Mylanta coupon
Paid with $1.99 & $2.49 ECB's from transaction #1

Total OOP after tax & ECB's: $3.41
ECB's earned: $13.00

Total spent so far: $4.28 + $3.41 = $7.69
ECB's earned: $13.00
(This does not include the ones I cashed in)

Profit: $5.31

Stuff I got
1 bottle CVS Chewable Aspirin, 36 count
1 bottle Excedrin, 10 count
1 bottle Mylanta Ultimate Strength Mint
2 Neutrogena facial soaps

CVS Money Makers This Week

There are some money makers at CVS this month, and for one of them, you don't even need coupons!

Neutrogena Facial Bars:
Buy 2 at $2.99 (works on regular & fragrance-free)
Get $10 ECB's (buy 2 Neutrogena products, get $10 ECB)
$4.02 money maker!

Mylanta Ultimate Strength (Cherry or Mint):
Buy up to 5 at $3.75 each (price in Boston)
Use $2/1 printable or $4/2 Pepcid, Mylanta, Lactaid, Rolaids, or Imodium Product coupon from 1/4 Red Plum insert
Get $3 ECB back for each (these are hard to find!)
$1.25 money maker for each one!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Rite Aid Today & Tomorrow

Rite Aid has some good coupons, only good tonight & tomorrow: $5 off $20 & $10 off $30. There are some free-after-rebate items that you could use this to help finance, or stock up on something you need that's on sale. Check out these suggestions from Frugal RI Mama & Southern Savers.

Shaw's Catalina Sale

Shaw's is having another one of their catalina sales this week: buy 10 products, get $10 off your next purchase. Check out HotCouponWorld for details. Definitely an opportunity to stock up & maybe even make money!