Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Get Something off your Wishlist by Entering Hotcouponworld's Valentine's Day Contest!

As you know I periodically highlight giveaways in my blog. Well, here's a great one for Valentine's Day!

HotCouponWorld is picking 5 lucky folks who will a $50 gift (or gifts!) for Valentine's Day, and they even pick up shipping!

This item HAS to be something for you! All us frugal folks often scrimp & save so much that we rarely get anything for ourselves. Simply go to the "SHOP" tab on HotCouponWorld's menu, search for the gift(s) you would like for Valentine's day and link the page with the gift(s) you'd like back here.

So if you're worried that our significant other won't remember to get you something for Valentine's Day, head on over to HotCouponWorld and pick something out for yourself! You must have your Valentine's Day gift posted no later than 2/13 at 12 midnight Pacific Standard Time.

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