Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bless Back Project

On Sunday November 30th at church, envelopes were distributed to different individuals and families at random. Taking an envelope was voluntary.

Inside the envelopes was money of different amounts. The rules were simple.

1. You can't give the money back.
2. You can't spend it on yourself.
3. You have to bless someone else.
4. You have to tell us what you did with the money.

My husband & I took an envelope. When we got it, I knew exactly what I wanted to do: use coupons & register rewards to see how far I could multiply it! My husband had been thinking the same thing, so off I went!

I took the $20 I received, and early in the week, I went to Walgreens. I took advantage of the Reach deal & got 2 packages of dental floss for $6.30, and I earned a $6 register reward.

This past Friday, I went to Shaws & got a ton of baking mixes & frostings for $9.52. I also got 4 cans of cream of coconut for $3. You can read the full story on that here. Not the healthiest choice, but that's a serious amount of baking, and nothing says Christmas like baking!

I also used the money to purchase a stamp. I'll use that to mail in a rebate for free Smart Start. Actually, that one was a moneymaker because I had a dollar off coupon. I also got 2 Russell Stover Private Reserve Luminary Boxes that are free after rebate. I fronted the initial money for those 3 things since I'll get it back in a rebate in several weeks. And no need for a stamp for the Russell Stovers because I can do that rebate on-line.

I brought the following to the local food pantry today:

6 tubs of frosting
7 Cookie Mixes
3 boxes of Bisquick
1 cake mix
1 supreme brownie mix
3 cans Goya Cream of Coconut
1 box Smart Start cereal
2 boxes Russell Stovers candy

(My son wanted to help organize!)

I forgot to ask if they take dental floss! If not, I'll give it to the women's shelter the next time I go.

So here's what I spent so far:
$6.30: Walgreens
$.42: stamp
$12.52: Shaws
minus $1 coupon for cereal
Total: $18.24

So I still have $1.76 in cash & $6 in a register reward to spend at Walgreens!

On that same Sunday, November 30th, our church collected its annual offering that goes to a project called "One Day to Feed the World". We are annually challenged to consider giving one day's income to feed the hungry of the world. The program has corporate sponsorship, so our gifts are multiplied by up to 4 times!

So our choice to use the money to donate goods to the food pantry felt even more appropriate.

I'll let you know later what I spend those last few dollars on!

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