Friday, October 31, 2008

Saving Money on Groceries

Saving money on groceries is so important in today's economy. I'm sure you've noticed how the cost of every day food staples has increased dramatically.

I won’t be spending too much time here sharing about specific sales at grocery stores. Instead, I will share ways to stock up on staples and save money on your overall grocery budget. The main reason for this is that I need to eat dairy, soy, corn & wheat-free, and most of the good coupon deals are on dairy products, canned goods or boxed foods, most of which we can't eat. We mainly eat whole foods (beans, rice, etc.) & lots of produce. I’m doing a month of meal planning in my other blog if you want to join in. I will share some deals from the stores in my region (Roche Brothers, Shaws & Stop and Shop), as I’ve found most of the other couponing blogs talk about stores I don’t have access to.

You can check out Hot Coupon World to see if there are any deals in your area. In the future, I will also be highlighting various other sites & blogs that will help you save money on groceries, as well as talking about joining buying clubs and co-ops, another great way to save.

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